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Celebrating the Institutional Century of the UIA (1907-2007):
senility, immortality or reincarnation ?

[NB: Although the UIA has previously chosen to celebrate its 60th anniversary, and others, in relation to its formal creation under that name in 1910, nevertheless it profiles itself as having been founded in 1907 by a group of international associations as the Central Office of International Associations -- making 2007 its centenary year]

Websites of the Union of International Associations (UIA): Descriptions of the Union of International Associations:

List of all UIA publications / UIA Document Archive

Research undertaken, partially in association with the Union of International Associations, as transferred to the website Laetus in Praesens (from 2000)

Commentaries and reports by Anthony Judge on the Union of International Associations: Reports on the occasion of the 60th Anniversary (1970), providing a useful background summary of UIA and its prospects [see contents in English, Dutch, French, German or Spanish plus access to PDF files]:

Detailed historical studies, by W Boyd Rayward (and others), of the complex of institutions and initiatives in which the UIA was embedded until 1940:

Other resources on Paul Otlet and his work:

  • Michael Buckland. Paul Otlet, Pioneer of Information Management [text]
  • Françoise Levie and Benoît Peeters. The Man Who Wanted to Classify the World / L'homme qui voulait classer le monde. Bruxelles, Sofidoc, 2002, 60min film, English and French versions [documentary details]
  • Jean-Max Noyer et Alexandre Serres. De Paul Otlet à l'Internet en passant par Hypertexte, 1997 [text]

Download sections of the classic work by Paul Otlet:

  • Monde: Essai d'universalisme connaissance du monde, sentiment du monde, action organisée et plan du monde. Bruxelles, Editiones Mundaneum, 1935 [via table of contents]

Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential (selected press releases in PDF format):

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