Challenges to Comprehension Implied by the Logo
of Laetus in Praesens
Laetus in Praesens

Complementary Initiatives and their Historical Associations

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Descriptions of the four initiatives surrounding the symbol are available from the websites to which their names are linked. The keywords beneath the names may link to indicative documents on the Laetus in Praesens website below the four. The historical precursors (shaded) to this fourfold pattern were the Union of Intelligible Associations -- a strategic initiative arising from the historic partnership between Mankind 2000 and the Union of International Associations dating from 1972 (which notably gave rise to a succession of editions of the Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential and its current online variant).
. Union of Imaginable

(metaphor, re-reading, language,
culture, myth, magic,
aesthetics, poetry, song, odour,
complementarity, correspondences,
songlines of the noosphere, imagination,
humour, playfullness, elven pathways,
navigating alternative realities)

Fusion Reactor

imaginal transformation
of energy resourcing

(comprehension, transdisciplinarity, configuration, tensegrity, complexity, catastrophe, knowledge organization, polarity, mapping, patterns, alternation, emergence, strategic focus, visualization)
University of Earth
questing for a more
comprehensive dream

(cognitive engagement,
enactivism, embodiment,
engendering, enabling
entrainment, enminding,
present moment, entelechy,
lifestyle, community, identity,
re-membering, com-memoration)
  Union of the Whys
emergent wisdom through configuration
of why-question dynamics

(questions, critical dialogue, self-reflexivity, paradigm change,
transformative conferencing, integrity, authenticity,
paradox, dilemma, unsaid, otherness, shadow, ignorance)