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C: Future Activities

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Section of Report of a Preliminary Investigation of the Possibility of Using Computer Data Processing Methods (1968): a summary of the various parts of this report, and details of its contents (with links to the various parts), are provided separately

The future possibilities and programs of the UIA must be considered in terms of the features of the dynamic system and the current vagueness about the meaningfulness of 'NGO'. They must also be designed to satisfy the personal objectives of the UIA executives and to allow for current re- sources and competition.  These have all been discussed in the first past of this Appendix.

The following points cover activities which might be incorporated into a future program. These do not represent an integrated program since some of the activities are mutually exclusive.

The above selection of possibilities shows that there are many directions in which the UIA can develop.  It is not sufficient, however, to decide on isolated activities and hope to graft them onto the existing program. This might lead to an inconsistent program which would be ineffective.

The feasibility of any future or long -- term program must be considered in terms of the strengths and weaknesses of the UIA as brought out by earlier sections and summarized in the following section. These possibilities must be seen as logical developments from a consistent set of objectives as discussed in a later section. These objectives must then lead to the development of logically consequent and consistent strategies in terms of the environment with which the UIA is faced. These strategies can then be used to develop long-term plans and specific programs.

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