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23 May 2005 | Draft

Galactic Memo on Rapture Readiness

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This memo apparently came into the author's posession as a result of a glitch in internet communications -- or some kind of leak. It is shared for whatever its value. Unfortunately the annexes referred to were not attached to the communication as received.


Commnication to: Slave Trader HoHoHo666
From: Earth Agent 5679
Stardate: 15987634

This is to inform you that the planet Earth currently offers you an ideal opportunity to acquire a large number of slaves for profitable trade elsewhere in the system.


There are several major advantages to this opportunity:


For your acquisition process to go smoothly, you might usefully bear in mind the following constraints:

Collateral damage and future liability

You should be aware that their expectation of "rapture" includes an understanding that people will be "removed" from wherever they are, even when they are in process of managing complex tasks such as transportation devices that may consequently cause the death of others. In other words they are already reconciled to the "wisdom" of whatever means you apply to their acquisition. In their view those are not removed -- termed the "left behind" -- merit whatever they suffer.

From a galactic perspective it would probably be preferable to minimize such collateral avoid later claims from the "left behind" when they achieve galactic legal rights. With respect to the potential slaves however, you will note that from a galactic perspective their culture has exhibited a pattern of behaviour towards indigenous peoples which fully entitles you to act according to that pattern (to which they have given legitimacy) in response to themselves.

You should not be concerned about subsequent liability to legal actions in galactic courts from the "left behind". Most of them will be only too pleased that the raptured should have been so agreeably removed -- to live out a a dream of their choice -- with such minimal damage to the society they leave behind. The "left behind" will then be free to respond to the urgent challenges of their society as responsible citizens, rather than being inhibited by large numbers of people who consider that such action is irrelevant.


Your intelligent agents will find a large number of relevant references permitting you to refine your acquisition strategy. Given the binary logic of the culture in question, you may be especially interestred in the complementarity of the following perspectives in sofar as they affect the roles you may choose to play -- and appear to oppose:

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