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8th August 2009 | Uncompleted

Enwholing the Moment

Engaging with whom, how, for what?

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what one is doing


Padiomenhote / Game Players of Zan / Damanhur

hold chi / hands / laurel

Meme Combat
functions making/engendering criteria for array interactants different things
catastrophe theory? (Thom) metaphoric outcomes
(time binding)
disciplines not but inferred one can collect/arrange, etc
  intermediate outcome      
"concepts"/distinctions "aerial" / radio aesthetic persuade/convince "marking"
detecting/eliciting fusion reactor systems conquer insects
collecting drama revelation seduce prisoners
arranging/imposing artwork/aesthetic array operation inform/teach gardeners
rearranging magic carpet sustainable awaiting authorization stamps
engaging vehicle integrity commemorating stars
embodying garden/farm shelter authorize bird (spotting)
commemorating? memorial   franchise/sell collections
  energy   impress  
  set of rules/procedures      

entrecroisement of the above table?


ignorance / closure:


Laws of Form -- distinctions

in quest of:

of relevance:

absolute zero

credibility / coherence / communication / connectivity / creativity / confidence / civilization / capacity >>> ch'i

Engaging with whom for what
do these not replicate and/or stand as metaphors for "wider" challenges
and the wider for the narrower
(related as resonance hybrid -- hexagram)

interface management opening/closing  
time management opening/closing  
category management (arrays, etc) opening/closing  
question management (Zen, etc) opening/closing  
nourishment management opening/closing  

methodology of progressing from:

Gaian challenge:

conference of the birds


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