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Guide to Organizational Evaluation

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Far exceeds  
program requirements
Exceeds program 
Meets program 
Needs some 
Does not meet minimum 
IMPACT Earth trembles when programs are conceived --
Changes universe over night
Programs move mountains when implemented --
Changes world totally over night
Organizations move to larger offices using program funds --
Regularly reports great progress on change programs
Programs stillborn -- 

Regularly changes office decor and layout

Programs abort before conception --
Programs tend to backfire and eliminate organization
TIMING Changes implemented long before problem is thought to exist Changes implemented faster than speed of thought Changes implemented on time according to progress reports Changes implemented when no longer needed Staff unfamiliar with clocks and calendars
ADAPTABILITY Has responsive program in all fields of human activity Programs adapted immediately to establishment guidelines Programs adapted immediately in anticipation of new fund sources Programs revised daily in light of news headlines Programs frequently adapted in support of competing organizations
COMMITMENT Staff committed to total transformation of universe Staff committed to prosyletizing all contacts Staff primarily committed to their own survival in the organization Staff commitments responsive to gifts and guidance from benefactors Principal staff members tend to be committed for clinical care
PUBLIC RELATIONS Programs smell good to all the people all the time Programs smell good to sufficient people enough of the time Programs smell OK if continuously disinfected by public relations Staff confused and disheartened by program smell Programs stink despite use of all program funds for public relations
ORGANIZATION Recieves directives from God Receives directives from unknown geniuses and social prophets Staff strive continually to implement contradictory directives Majority of staff unable to identify to whom they report or why they are employed Staff unable to read or understand directives; activities confused with those of opposing organizations
REPUTATION Walks with God Annual report regularly wins international book award (fiction) Annually cited for voluntary action award by political or social leader (ex-offico president of the organization) Reputation carefully maintained by bribes to media Staff members rejected by friends, family and pets
AFFILIATIONS Affiliated to all known organizations, including itself Contact considered by potential affiliates to be culmination of program activity Increase in number of affiliqtes is principal policy concern of organization Potential afiliates consider contact to be "kiss-of-death" Organization's existence unknown to all, including membership

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