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19 February 2020 | Draft

Extradition and Trial of Julian Assange

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The following items have been progressively accumulated as an addendum to an earlier document elaborated as a speculative dramatisation of the legal process against Julian Assange in several Christian countries (Trial of Julian Assange -- Who is the Pontius Pilate of Easter 2019? In dramatic anticipation of emergence of a Church of Julian, 2019). Given the probabilty of his extradition, trial and conviction in the USA, a further document was produced to offer Christians the possibility of collectively determining his punishment -- in the spirit of that dramatisation (Crowdsourcing Just Punishment for Julian Assange: in faithful Christian retribution for daring to speak truth to power, 2020).

Given the number of web references accumulated in the first document, these have now been transferred to this separate document for convenience.

Further references will be added to the following as they are detected or become available. The selection included is necessarily somewhat arbitrary, as with the clustering and ordering, and may be modified as references accumulate.

Speaking truth to power: key role of women in an historic psychodrama

As noted above, the compilation of commentaries developed from a speculative dramatic take on the case against Julian Assange (Trial of Julian Assange -- Who is the Pontius Pilate of Easter 2019? 2019). A degree of comparison was suggested with the historic trial of Jesus. Of interest in this variant -- in psychodramatic terms -- is the transformation from the key role of men in the scenario of the past to the key role of women in the present case. Notable continue to be the women active in the defence of Assange in various ways:, including Jennifer Robinson (lawyer). These contrast with those in official positions who continue to be especially negligent, as highlighted in the table (below right).

To enable further development of the argument, the text previously included here has been transferred to a separate document (Future Commemoration of the Trial of Julian Assange: a Passion Play for Truth reframing the Christian glorification of speaking truth to power, 2020)

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