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Selected Websites on Metaphor

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Derived from work on the Metaphor and Patterns Project (see commentaries). This developed profiles and experiments in connection with the Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential 

Center for the Cognitive Science Metaphor Online (University of Oregon):  Sites and papers

Metaphor and Metonymy (University of Nottingham):  For research on metaphor and metonymy (from a developmental, diachronic, cognitive, rhetorical etc. perspective). Especially keen to hear from people interested in metonymy, until recently rather neglected compared with metaphor.

Metaphor Home Page (Dublin City University): Summarizes metaphor literature on the net.

Conceptual Metaphor Home Page (Institute of Cognitive Studies, University of California at Berkeley) This server is a research tool for cognitive scientists and others interested in the study of conceptual metaphor systems. Ongoing work in the metaphor system of English and other languages is made available here using a hypertext format which allows the reader to trace links between metaphors and thus get a better idea of the structure of the system.The following indices are available: index by metaphor name; index of source domains; index of target domains

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