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Pattern: Filtered insights

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Part of a 5-fold Pattern Language.
Subsequently published in Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential (1986)

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Unmediated sources of illumination result in strong contrasts, over-emphasizing boundaries and making it difficult to detect detail.

Physical Light filtered through a window partially covered by leaves or tracery enhances a sense of well-being in contrast to the dullness associated with uniform lighting. Glare around the window is also reduced by softening the light in this way.

Social Diffusing the underlying intention of an organization through spontaneously occurring events enhances the organic well-being of the group in contrast to the over-programmed dullness associated with an omnipresent objective. Unnecessary tension is also reduced by indirection of the trend.

Conceptual Diluting a fundamental insight by representing it through random phenomena of apparently superficial significance enhances appreciation of its value. Presentation of an insight in undiluted form results in harsh contrasts which make if difficult to accept.

Psychic (as for conceptual environment)

Broader Aperture compatibility; Zones of intermediate insight; Structure-enfolded insight domain; Receptivity to emerging external insight; Communication pathways enfolded by non-linearity; Overview of communication pathway from structure; Sites for grounding perspectives in non-linearity; Integrating coordinated exposure to irrationality into structures; Organization of structures to permit two sources of external insight.

Narrower Flexible interfaces; Encouraging emphases; Multi-faceted frameworks; Integration within context.

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