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Pattern: Integration superstructure

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Part of a 5-fold Pattern Language.
Subsequently published in Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential (1986)

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The integrative superstructure required to complete the enclosure of any space should be constructed such as to avoid increasing tensions within the framework as a whole. Its design should emerge as the simplest reconciliation of the patterning of forces inherent in the underlying structure. The space enclosed by the superstructure itself should be integrated into the pattern of spaces as a whole rather than simply constituting a superordinate "dead" space.

Physical Requirements governing the shape of a roof are: shelter; provision of habitable space within it; roughly rectangular layout; uncontrived, relaxed shape; reduction of bending (unless expensive tension materials are available); and of a steepness appropriate to the nature of any precipitation. Within these constraints a vaulted roof is the most appropriate.

Broader Progressive framework definition; Level generation of minimum tension; Containment by integrative superstructure; Boundary expansion permitting new level generation; Integration of non-linearity into integrative superstructure; Efficient enclosure of spaces with minimal structural distinctions; Primary inter-level connections at transitions in boundary orientation.

Narrower Symbolic connection to encompassing domains; Overview sites from integrative superstructure; Maintainable, multi-element external boundaries.

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