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Pattern: Level generation of minimum tension

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Part of a 5-fold Pattern Language.
Subsequently published in Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential (1986)

Pattern template

Generation of a usable new level on a framework calls for a design which will ensure that minimum distortion and tension is engendered by the addition.

Physical Elliptical vaults will support a live load on the floor above, whilst forming the ceiling of the room below, and generating minimum bending and tension so that inexpensive compressive materials can be relied on. They can be fitted to rooms of any shape.

Broader Exclusive contexts; Perimeter continuity; Inter-level connections; Initial level formation; Integrative infrastructure; Progressive framework definition; Appropriate construction elements; Variation in size of perspective contexts; Harmonizing space distribution between levels; Appropriate proportions of perspective contexts; Distribution of secondary inter-level connections; Boundary expansion permitting new level generation; Efficient enclosure of spaces with minimal structural distinctions; Primary inter-level connections at transitions in boundary orientation; Congruence between spaces defined by the framework and spaces defined by the processes within it.

Narrower Zoning internal domains; Tolerance at level interfaces; Unmediated supportive emotion; Unalienating internal boundaries; Overview sites from integrative superstructure; Provision for pathways for automatic communications; Appropriate superstructure to contain transitions between levels; Integration superstructure.

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