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29 May 2004 | Draft

Confusion in the Moment of Dialogue

Checklist of patterns of behaviour and attitude inhibiting better dialogue

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Preliminary list

  1. Withholding relevant information to preserve advantage

  2. Anecdotal distraction to attract attention inappropriately

  3. Placement of irrelevant information in support of other agendas

  4. Commitments made, possibly only for effect, that are readily forgotten

  5. Uncritical belief in the meaningful convergence of the process

  6. Inability to interrelate relevant perspectives

  7. Time pressure on communication of relevant information

  8. Misplaced concreteness obscuring subtler insights

  9. Pressure of courtesy, protocol and due recognition -- undermining other content

  10. Aesthetic attraction or repulsion inappropriately distorting the exchange

  11. Remembrance of the past inhibiting emergence of the new

  12. Enthusiastic focus on the new inhibiting ability to remember learnings of the past

  13. Expectations of future advantage distorting effective engagement in the process

  14. Inability to express meaningfully insights from other disciplines, languages, contexts, or modes of communication

  15. Devaluation of subtler insights that briefly emerge, thus favouring dominance of the obvious

  16. Inability to achieve reciprocity of pace and timing to ensure mutual entrainment in the dialogue process

  17. Failure to appreciate significance carried by the symbolism of the moment

  18. Frustration at priority accorded to other necessary perspectives

  19. Impatience with the priorities of the moment and doubts regarding the opportunities of the occasion

  20. Discouraging others by challenging them and by concealing agreement, when they are in need of reinforcement

  21. Concealing disagreement that will determine subsequent action


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