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Varieties of Disciplinarity, Interdisciplinarity and Transdisciplinarity: Table

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This table (and accompanying commentary) was originally developed from a commentary on varieties of decision-making Guiding Metaphors and Configuring Choices  (with an accompanying table Varieties of Decision-making Arenas and Styles: Table). A variant was subsequently developed as Varieties of Dialogue Arenas and Styles) (Table)

Varieties of Disciplinarity, Interdisciplinarity and Transdisciplinarity
Varieties of dsiciplinarity, interdisciplinarity and transdisciplinarity TABLE I  SINGLE:

"Straight-forward" truth Relatively stable "Deciding about" Without unstated constraints Single value framework Implementation Short-term tactical concerns Technique/Science 

"Aggressive constraints" Relatively dynamic "Reactive decision-making" Prevalence of unstated (or secret) constraints Value polarization Extension Medium term strategic concerns Art/Techne 

"Fuzzy constraints" Dynamically unstable "Decision-making in response to" With and without unstated constraints Multi-values / Fuzzy values Value development Anticipation Longer term strategic concerns Inspiration 

"Holistic" Turbulent "Incorporating decision-making" Neither with nor without unstated constraints Value emergence Integration/Embodiment Atemporal concerns Insight 
SPIRITUAL RESOURCES  Realm of value/intuition  Spiritual Training / Development 

Spiritual instruction Disseminating "the word" Structured decision-making

Arena IV

Spiritual Exploration

Spiritual encounters 
Challenging "others" 
Converting the "misguided" Pilgrimage 

Arena X 

Spiritual discovery

"Many mansions" 
Multiple "others" 
Spiritual complementarity 

Arena XIV 

Spiritual Transformation

Embodiment of patterns in transformation 
Embodiment of change

Arena XVI 

Group D Becoming the decision-making  (Arena XVI) 
  * Wisdom barrier
KNOWLEDGE RESOURCES (Conceptware)  Realm of ideas/thoughts  Know-how Management

Education / Training (UNESCO) 
- Expertise development 
- Skills development (ILO) Mass communications (UNESCO) 
Dissemination of knowledge Ethical framework Indoctrination
Arena III 

Applied research (R & D) Knowledge engineering 
Theological encounters  (Intellectual exploitation) (Propaganda / Censorship) 

  Arena IX 

Fundamental research  Research strategy  Lateral thinking  Syncretism  Creativity

Arena XIII 
Appropriate Patterning

Pattern creation 
- Epistemic landscape design 
- Pattern transformation 
- Morphogenetic patterning Guiding metaphors 
- Image schematics 
- Structural archetypes 

Arena XV 

Group C Transformative decision-making  (Arenas
  * Experience barrier 
HUMAN RESOURCES (Groupware)  Realm of affects/feelings  Human Resource Management

Personnel management (ILO): - Wage scales 
- Hiring/firing policies 
- Conditions of work 
Public health/safety (ILO/WHO) 
Social security (ILO) Population planning (UNFPA) Food supply (FAO/WFP) 

Arena II 

Social Development

Dealing with demanding others: 
- Competitors / Opponents 
- Employee / Labour relations 
- Community 
- Underprivileged / Foreigners Human development 
Social engineering 
(Social exploitation) (Collusion/Conspiracy) (Subversion/Blackmail) 

Arena VIII 
Responsive Organization

Mutuality in decision-making: 
- Worker participation 
- Self-management 
- Social responsibility 
- Social Charter (EEC) "Human face" development
Personal development Organizational/Business ethics Inter-faith community 

  Arena XI 
Appropriate Organization

- Transformation 
- Culture design/appropriation - Images/symbol appropriation 
Symbolic decision-making 
"Projet social" 
Political will to change Transcendent community 


Arena XII 

Group B Innovative decision-making  (Arenas
  * Training barrier 
MATERIAL RESOURCES (Hardware)  Realm of tangible artifacts/sensation  Resource Optimization

Operational decision-making: 
- Commerce/Trade (UNCTAD/GATT) 
- Industry (UNIDO) Short-term development: 
- Resource allocation 
- Cost/Effectiveness 
- Programmed investment Dealing/Bargaining 
Calculated risk 

Arena I 
Economic Development

Development (R and D) 
Engineering / Architecture Medium-term development(OECD): - Financial system (G-7) 
- Structural adjustment (IMF) 
- Agriculture (FAO) 
- Commerce/Trade (WTO)
- Industry (UNIDO) 
(Economic exploitation) 
(Bribery / "Commissions") 
Territorial encounters
Arena V 
Future Uncertainty

Long-term investment 
- Futures markets 
- Risk/actuarial analysis Long-term development (UNCTAD) 
Agriculture (FAO) Environmental conservation. (UNEP)


Arena VI 

Material Appropriateness

Apppriate technology: 
- Product appropriateness 
- Product design 
Sustainable development
(UNCED)  Sustainable eco-community 


Arena VII 

Group A Adaptive decision-making  (Arenas
I - VII) 

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