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International Conference on Sustainable Improvement of Quality of Corruption

Development of New Partnerships for the 21st Century, St Petersburg - Moscow

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Proposed: Happening - Pavane - Pilgrimage - Carnival - Gathering


The rationale for such an event may be explored in the light of the:

The above factors suggest that it is appropriate to design an event to consider ways of responding more proactively to the 'corruption' in which many of us are involved in one way or another, if only inadvertently. The past strategy of seeking to either deny or eliminate it has proven itself to be ineffectual.

The following initiative therefore seeks ways to improve the quality of corruption in a sustainable manner. By this is meant the identification of processes to substitute for its more brutal effects -- without necessarily diminishing the returns expected by those who engage in it. Corruption needs to move up market!

A specific purpose of the event is to contribute significantly to the emergence of new ways of thinking about processes which are denied or rejected by establishment systems which disapprove of them. To do this, it is hoped to make use of the full range of skills currently employed to enhance creativity, notably humour, music, décor and challenging contexts. As the title and location suggest, this will not be organized as a standard "international conference".


A gathering of some 400 people is planned for a minimum of 7 days in the last week of September. It will take place on a boat cruise from St Petersburg to Moscow.

The gathering is designed to bring together very different kinds of people whose creativity is valuable to highlighting new possibilities for corruption.

During the cruise, numerous events will be organized. Some will deliberately feed into each other, some may do so incidentally, some may be quite independent of others.


Participants will include representatives of the following people and interests:

It is expected that 50 percent of the participants will come from outside Russia.


International: Direct or indirect sponsorship will be sought from bodies such as the following:

It is to be expected that some of these bodies will not consider it appropriate to sponsor the event as such. They may however be prepared to participate participation of staff members or others at the event.

Russia: Direct or indirect sponsorship will be sought from bodies such as the following:


Three separate structures will be used:


This initiative arose from a series of discussions at the International School of Ignorance. This group has experimented with a technology of self-organizing, self-reflective, transformative processes.

Given the challenging nature of the event, new meeting processes will be sought and encouraged.


This will include the following:


Income stream for organizers







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