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Sustainable lifestyle #42

Assistance (Yi)

Metaphors: Increase / Expansion / Augmenting

Social By sacrificing its own interests in favour of the development of others, a sustainable lifestyle may temporarily create conditions in which great progress can be made. The development of the sustainable lifestyle itself may be brought about by adopting the positive attributes of others and eliminating its own defects.


1. The sustainable lifestyle should use any major assistance it receives from those in power for initiatives which it would not otherwise be able to undertake. (Resulting in: Recognition).

2. The sustainable lifestyle brings about its own development by producing in itself the necessary conditions and identifying with the progressive spirit of the times. (Resulting in: Essential quality).

3. In times of great progress even unfortunate events may be advantageous, releasing the sustainable lifestyle from error and enabling it to act with authority according to the needs of the moment. (Resulting in: Community).

4. The sustainable lifestyle may usefully function, especially with respect to major undertakings, as an intermediary between those in power and those who should benefit from such progress. (Resulting in: Spontaneity).

5. The beneficial influence of the sustainable lifestyle's assistance results from its expression of an inner necessity for which recognition is sufficient reward. (Resulting in: Support).

6. If the sustainable lifestyle fails to assist in the progress of others it isolates itself and exposes itself to attack. (Resulting in: Initial difficulty).

Transformation sequence If assistance continues long enough a new resolution emerges. (Resulting in: Resolution).

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Earlier version in 2nd edition of Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential (1986).

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